Counting on with qualified professionals at the time of installation of your system, is essential for its life. We offer you the arrangement and planning of the site where the unit is going to be installed, along with training for the users and guarranty.

Service Features:

System Inspection
Prior to system deinstallation, our engineers will perform an inspection of it and will make a detailed report about its operation, which will be useful in order to close the purchase if it meets all the features we have previously requested.

The customer will have a team of qualified professionals, the tools and necessary systems to perform the deinstallation, coordinate movement and to load the system, along with the crating for the subsequent transportation.

Magnets and CT systems located in heights, usually require the use of elevation services, cranes, etc. for moving the system toward the container.
Transportation: The sending and arrival «on-time» of the system is as important as the use of the aproppriate transport for each kind of system.

In case the new site for the system is still not ready, it is important to count on with a suitable warehouse that ensures the cold head and cold connectors of the magnet will keep at temperature during the term of stay of the system at the warehouse.

Preparation of the site where the system is to be installed:
Usually, this service begins with a system evaluation process. The proparation of the new site is essential for the success of your project. Our team will be in permanent contact with the customer, monitoring the progress of the workmanship according to the site planes. Bio Red performs services of ramping and shimming for MRI systems.

Calibration System:
Our team has the necessary expertice and knowledge for performing complete calibrations to systems. The complete calibration includes shimming, gradient calibration for MRI, etc.

After the installation and calibration of the CT or MRI scanner is finished, our team of proffessionals will provide training to the technicians of the imaging department.

System guarranty:
We offer a technical service of maintainance for any eventuality that could arise with your system.
Our maintainance contracts are designed to protect and benefit the business.

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