Sale of RX Tubes – CT

> Our company commercializes tubes from the brands IAE and Varian, worlwide known by being a quality replacement of different brands of CT systems.
> Upfront saving plans for the acquisition of RX tubes for CT.
> Technical assistance all around the country and abroad, providing service within 24Hs from the requesting time.

General Electric Line

Tube Insert Type Units
CT Max S270 B150H 400 kHU
CT Max GS270 B150H 600 kHU
Sytec 1600/1800 GS270 B150H 600 kHU
CT 8800/9000 GS1079 B190 1.0 MHU
CT 8800 FS / CT9000 (D.H.E.)* GS270 B192 1.5 MHU
CT 9800 HILIGHT GS270 B205 2.0 MHU
CT 9800 Q GS270 B205 2.0 MHU
SYTEC 2000/3000/4000i GS270 MX115/B-172H 1.5 MHU
SYTEC SRI GS270 Mini Venus 2.0 MHU
Pro Speed A/I, CT/e GS270 MX135CT-H1 2.0 MHU
HiSpeed Advantage GS270 Zeus 3.5 MHU
ProSpeed GS270 ProSpeed 3.5 MHU
Solarix Dxi, Fxi, LXi GS270 Solarix 3.5 MHU
*D.H.E= Duel Heart Exchanges

For other brands lines, please ask to: